Properties of METAL-GLU.

1. Glue's mixing in proportions: 4 parts of A component (base) and 1 part of B component (reactor). Propontions by weight can be set approximately. By volumetric you can use 3 parts of A component (base) and 1 part of B component (reactor).
2. Setting time at temperature of 20oC - 3 hours, at lower tempenature - longer in proportion.
3. Time needed for reaching full mechanical strength at temperature 20oC - 24 hours.
4. Shear strength while joining steel 13.8 N/mm2 (after heating up of detail at 4 houns in temperature 80oC - 19N/mm2).
5. Density - 2250 kg/m3.
6. Stable thermal resistance to temperature up to 180oC.
7. Thermal Resistance to temperature 220oC up to 20 minutes.
8. A bottle of epoxy resin (C component) for eventual solving of the base A is enclosed in the set.
9. Safety certificate PZH (Polish Instytute of Higiene) - B-1421/97n and
10. certificate for drinking water - PZH no HK/W/0568/01/2000.


METAL-GLU is produced in 5 colours, more and more light. Colours "0", "2.5" and "5" are applied for steel and cast iron, colour "10" - for stainless steel and ZnAl alloy, colour "20" - for aluminium, porcelain and concrete.

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The most suitable colour you can order at producer or reseller.

Machining of Details with a Coat of Glue.

Before machining the surface coyered with a coat of glue the coat can be pianished by hand after partial drying or coyered with polyethylene tape, which can be easily remoyed after glue drying. lt is recommended to put such a quantity of glue that after machining it wili haye thickness of not less than 1/16 inch (1.7mm). METAL-GLU can be grounded, threaded, drilied, milled, turned and planed. Turning out to be done with water cooling or emulsion, using the knife of cemented carbides. Max. feed O.12mm/rev., speed up to 270 mm/min., tool rake angle 10 degrees. Drilling ought to be done with water cooling or emulsion with dnu angle 120 degrees, speed up to 130 rev./min.

Work safety.

Both component A (base) and component B (reactor) do not contain volatile solvents, are not toxic and do not have noisome smell. In order to prevent an occurrence of skin allergy it is recommended to use rubber gloves.