Metal Glu Graphite - PREPARATION- FLUID SLIP METAL – to repair machine elements and devices in which low friction factor between surfaces must be indispensably provided.

A two- component chemically cured preparation performing the function of glue or putty of very low friction factor, what enables repair of slip surfaces as ways of machine tools, elements of slide bearings, etc.


Mixing Preparation

by WEIGHT: 4 parts of Base to 1 part of Reactor;
by VOLUME: 3 rules of Base to1 rule of Reactor.


Half- dry state - 2.5 hours,
Tack- free - 5 hours,
fullmechanical strength - 24 hours,
full chemical resistance and electricalstrength - 48 hours.

Apply at temperature higher than 10°C, at temperature 10°C to 18°C the hardening time will be considerably extended.


ADHESION - adherence to degreased, roughened surfaces- up to 140 kG/cm2.
MACHINING - all kinds of mechanical working are acceptable.
CONSISTENCE - medium fluid, the Base can be diluted using the epoxy resin EPIDIAN 5 within the limits up to 6% of the Base weight, in order short and stiff horsehair. The preparation can be additionally diluted by heating the Base up to the temperature 40 °C.
CERTIFICATE OF HYGIENE. Polish Institute of Hygiene PZH (Polski Zakład Higieny) No B 1421/97.
SURFACE PREPARATION. Life and adhesion of glue layer depends on accuracy of preparation the surface and exactness of degreasing. Degrease with acetone, trichloroethylene or special cleaning solvents. Petrol and petrol derivatives are excluded. Roughen the surface with the help of file, sanding paper, end mill, grinder, grinding pin, sand blasting etc.
GLUE SPREADING - by spatula or brush- minimum thickness of the layer of preparation diluted with epoxy resin- 0.5 mm under brush on the surface being coated. The preparation does not flow off vertical surface if applied in layer thickness up to 3.0 mm.
PRODUCT LIFE – 5 years in original unopened container.