1. Adhesion to constructional steel (shear strength) approx. 150 kG/cm2.
2. Machining – by grinding only.
3. Thermal resistance - 180 oC.
4. chemical recistance - water, salt water, alcohols, oil, diesel fuel, soda lye (in concentration up to 10 %), other bases in concentration up to 10 %, organic and mineral acids in concentration up to 20 %, hydrocarbons (petrol, methane, propane, butane, xylene, toluene), gases (nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, natural gas), ethers and esters.
5. THE PREPARATION HAS GOT CERTIFICATE OF HYGIENE – Polish Institute of Hygiene (Polski Zaklad Higieny PZH). Certificates No B-1421/97 and No HK/W/o468/01/2000 for drinking water)
6. Capacity - approx. 1,5 m2/kG at layer thickness 0.25 mm
7. Shelf life of METAL-GLU Ceramik Special in original unopened container is 5 years minimum.


The minimum thickness of layer for the Base warmed up to 35ºC is 0.25 mm, recommended thickness – from 0.5 mm up to 1.0 mm.

Attention – The preparation Ceramik Special does not flow off vertical surface if applied in one layer of thickness up to 1 –1,5 mm.


Protective gloves should be worn when using preparation. The preparation does not give off harmful smells and is non- toxic.