Metal Glu Ceramik Special - a two-component, chemically set up ceramic metal, wear-resistant, with CHEMICAL RESISTANCE for acids and bases, in the form of highly fluid paste METAL-GLU CERAMIK SPECIAL, recommended for inside coating of elements endanger on aggressive chemical substances.


The following proportions should be applied: by weight Base A to Reactor B in the ratio 4 : 1 and by volume 3 rules of Base A to 1 rule of Reactor B. In order to use the preparation place four portions by weight of component A (Base) and one portion of component B (Reactor) on the enclosed board, thoroughly mix the components and apply using a spatula or a brush on to the prepared and degreased surface. The accuracy of proportioning components is up to 10 % of weight.


Half- dry state – 2.5 hours,
hardened (tack free) – 5 hours,
full mechanical strength – 24 hours,
full chemical resistance – 48 hours.
The ceramic metal CERAMIK SPECIAL may by applied at the temperature over 10ºC. At the temperature 10 ÷ 16ºC the curing time and hardening to full mechanical strength is significantly extended.

WARMING UP following pre-curing of the material, to the temperature 80ºC along several hours, increases the strength of ceramic metal layer by 25%.


Life of applied layer is dependant on proper preparation of the surface and on exact degreasing. The surface should be roughened by grinding, file, coarse abrasive paper, end mill or by sandblasting.

DEGREASE using acetone, trichloroethylene or special cleaning solvents. Double degreasing is recommended. Petrol and petrol derivatives are excluded.