METAL-GLU Izolator - A two-component, chemically set up preparation performing a function of insulating glue:

1. In the form of thick paste Izolator A to be applied spatula - Electric strenght up to 12 kV/mm.

2. In the form of highly fluid paste Izolator B to be applied using brush or for casting cassetes with electric equipment -Electric strenght up to 11 kV/mm.

METAL-GLU Izolator is recommended as a dielectric for manufacturing medium and high voltage electro-technical elements, for repair electro-technical devices as an insulating preparation.


Purposeof the glue - an insulating layer against electric breakdown or current conduction is formed by application of the insulating glue using spatula or a stiff, short cut brush.

Surface preparation

Life of applied layer Izolator glue is dependant on proper preparation of thesurface and on exact degreasing. Degrease using acetone, trichlorethylene or special cleaning solvents. Double degreasing is recommended (petrol and petrol derivatives are excluded). The surface should be roughened by grinding wheel, grinding pin, file, abrasive paper, end mill or by sandblasting.