Properties of METAL-GLU Ceramik

1. Lifetime of the preparation is minimum 5 years if applied under average conditions.
2. Shelf life in original unopened cotainer - minimum 5 years.
3. Adhesion to constructial steel (shear strenght) - approx. 150 kG/cm2.
4. Stable thermal resistance to temperature up to 180oC.
5. Thermal Resistance to temperature 220oC up to 20 minutes.
6. Capacity - approx. 2 m2/kG at layer thickness at 0,25 mm.
7. Certificate of hygiene. The glue has got the certyficate of hygiene from Polish Institute of Hygiene (Polski Zaklad Higieny) - Certificates No B-1421/97, and HK/W/0468/01/200 (for use in drinking water pipelines).
8. Enclosed bottle of epoxy resin (C component) for eventual solving of the base A.
9. Machining by grinding only.
10. Curing time: half-dry state - 2,5h, hardened (tack free) - 5h, full mechanical strenght - 24h, full chemical resistance - 48h.
The Ceramik A and B may be applied at the temperature over 10oC. At the temperature 10 - 16oC the curing time and hardening to full mechanical strenght os significantly extended.

Mixing the glue

The following proportions should be applied: by weight - Base A to Reactor B in the ratio 4 : 1 and by volume - 3 rules of Base A to 1 rule of Reactor B. In order to use the preparation, place four portions by weight of component A (Base), and one portion of component B (Reactor) on the enclosed board, throughly mix the components and apply using a spatula (Ceramik A) or a brush (Ceramik B) onto the prepared and degreased surface. The accuracy of proportioning components is up to 10% of weight.


The minimum thickness of layer for the Base warmed up to 35oC is 0,25 mm. Recomended thickness - 0,5 - 1,0 mm. Attention - the preparation Ceramik A in the layer thickness up to 2 mm does not flow off vertical surface. The preparation Ceramik B does not flow off vertical surface, if applied in one layer of thickness up to 1 mm.

Warming up

Warming up following pre-curing of the material to the temperature 80oC along several hours, increases the strenght of ceramik metal layer by 25%.

Degrease using acetone, trichlorethylene or special cleaning solvents. Double degreasing is recommended. Petrol and petrol derivatives are excluded.

Castability of the Ceramik B can be increased by warming the Base A up to 35-40oC before mixing it with the B reactor.

Safety and work hygiene.

Protective gloves should be worn when using preparation. The preparation does not give off harmfull smells and is non-toxic.