METAL-GLU Ceramik, a two-component, chemically set up ceramic metal, wear-resistant, with ANTI-CAVITATION properties:

1. In the form of thick paste, Ceramik A, for filling decrements of the native material by spatula at repair of machine elements.

2. In the form of highly fluid paste, Ceramik B, recommended for inside coating elements, bodies and rotors subjected to abrasion and cavitation erosion.




The Metal-Glu Ceramik owing to its high abrasion-resistance and cavitation-resistance should be applied for surface protection and regeneration of such equipment as pumps, rotors of centrifugal machines, guide apparatus of turbine, pipe elbows, water boxes, conveyers, pipeline exchangers, condensers, containers for chemicals. Ceramik B is used for brush painting of the whole, brand-new surface of bodies, rotors, pipeline systems, diffusers, tube sheets of condensers etc.

Surface preparation

Life of applied layer is dependant on proper preparation of the surface and on exact degreasing. The surface should be roughened by grinding, file, coarse abrasive paper and mill or by sandblasting.