METAL-GLU ALUMINIUM (Termokit) - Excellent regenerative glue for maintenance services in industrial plants

Two-component glue for metal in the form of paste Usage. High-strength glue METAL-GLU is designed for joining with metals, wood, concrete, plastics (except polyethylene and polypropylene ). Resistant to temperature within limits to 1800 of Celsjus. It makes possible not only to glue firmly but also to fill decrements in castings, welds, machine’s details.

Constructional and Regenerative Usage. Examples

1. Elimination of leakage in coolers, heat exchangers, gas, water, heating pipelines, etc.
2. Regeneration of bearings’ journals and seats, truncated threads, splineways, damaged holes in castings and machines’ bodies.
3.Sealing of cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metals’ castings, joint-sealing of decrements.
4.Regeneration of untight tanks, worn edges and journals in machines.

Surface preparation

Roughen the surface with the help of file, grinder, abrasive paper or grinding pin. Then degrease with acetone or specjal solvents (profitable twice). Dry the element for few minutes after degreasing - in case of heating the element to the temp. of 600 C the drying time is shortened to 1 min.

Mixing the Glue.

With the help of enclosed wooden tool place on enclosed board 1 part by weight of B component (reactor) and 4 parts by weight of A component (base). After accurate mixing the glue is ready for using on degreased surface. After placing it we can increase the joint’s strength by 25 % by holding the glued detail at a temperature of 700 C to 900 C in a dryer or in a steam of warm air for 4 hours.


1. Glue’s mixing in proportions:by weight -4 parts of A component (base) and 1 part of B component (reactor), by volume - 3 rules of Base A to 1 rule of Reactor B. Proportions can be set approximately.
2. Setting time at temperature of 220C:1 to 1,5 hours, at lower temperature - longered in proportion.
3. Time needed for reaching full mechanical strength at a temperature of 200 C: 24 hours.
4. Compresive strenght while joining steel 12,7 N/mm2 ( after heating up of detail 4 hours in 800 C - 19 N/mm2 ).
5. Stable resistance to temperature:up to 180 oC.
6. Density: 1950 KG/m3.
7. Machining of details with a coat of glue. Before machining the surface covered with a coat of glue the coat can be preplanished by hand after partial drying or covered with polyethylene tape, which can be easily removed after glue drying. It is recommended to put such a quantity of the glue that after machining it will have thickness of not less than 1,7 mm. METAL-GLU glue can be grinded, threaded, drilled, milled, turned, planed. Turning ought to be done with water cooling or emulsion, using the knife of cemented carbides.
8. Work safety. Both base (A component) and reactor ( B component ) do not contain volatile solvents, are untoxic and don’t have noisome smell. In order to prevent an occurance of skin allergy it is recommended to use rubber gloves.
9. Glue stability - in original unopened container 5 years The preparation has got certificate of Hygiene - Institute of Hygiene for drinking water.